Laws of photo psychometric – How to utilize them to protect you?

An example of a similar framework would certainly be a 30 60 90 triangular of two different dimensions. One has a 10 hypotenuse and one a 6 hypotenuse. They would certainly look the exact same yet of different sizes. Similarly, a photograph of a things or perhaps a human would certainly be of comparable frameworks. The effective implication of this law of similar/congruent structures means that for all intents as well as purposes, regarding Radionics and forgone generation, are worried, they coincide. Your picture as well as you is the same. Whatever you do to a picture of an object or individual, draconically or with a forgone generator will likewise be done to the person or things itself. Illusionists, healers as well as witch doctors all know this. There is no range in the quantum ocean in between a photo of on your own as well as on your own.

Radionics treatments

This is exactly how and why magic at a distance jobs. Radionics and also forgone generation can be called the 21st century magic at a distance. The hair, blood, finger nails of a human would be a congruent framework. No distinction what so ever before. A photo is a comparable structure it only appears like the individual. But the blood, hair, finger nails carry the DNA of the individual, as well as are the person. This leads us to the fact that the shortest distance between two objects is their energy structure with rad 2400hd radionics machine. This implies that the range in the energy world, Quantum Ocean or on the power degree in between 2 items is the real difference in their structures. Given that 2 similar things are nearly exactly the same, there is relatively no distance in between them in the energy world quantum ocean. Quantum Ocean is the modern day terms of what the ancients called the mind of god. This is where every little thing exists before physical indication.

And when 2 items have consistent structure hair, blood there is no distance no factor range in between both. In reality the two are one. This is since there is no time as well as area in the quantum ocean. Just on the 4 dimensional globes where we live elevation, width, length and time. This is the secret to healing with Radionics and forgone generators. They both are matrices that link the real world with the quantum ocean. Fields with each other they develop a third power area called the relationship between them. When 2 individuals fulfill both being power areas a third energy is developed in the quantum ocean, called the relationship in between them. It is neither nor the other however the connection in between them, a third entity. This is why it is so difficult for wedded individuals who divide to really separate. The 3rd entity, the connection in between them lives in the quantum ocean.